I was made redundant from my role as a Senior Claims Negotiator in the City of London.  Although I had worked in Insurance for 20 years, I became disillusioned with the industry, and it became apparent that I wished to pursue another path. 

I have always enjoyed taking photographs and had an eye for detail, which I was able to capture on the old point and shoot digital cameras.  However, it was during a holiday to Iceland that my interest in photography really started.  Partly due to my husband and I being competitive and wanting to take the best photograph. I found that although I was able to take ‘good holiday snaps’, I was unable to capture the essence of Iceland, reflect its incredible beauty and ever changing scenery. 

Once we returned I took an online photography course, which I completed and was awarded a Diploma in Photography.  The Diploma was based on theory alone, with no practical work being submitted.  Following this course I continued my interest in photography, through mainly taking photographs of wildlife and pets.  I found that the more I learnt how to use the different settings on a DSLR camera together with the post production of RAW files in Lightroom, the more I was able to convey the scene at that moment in time.  This has culminated in me wanting to take my photography to the next level, through learning different styles and genres.

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