Gawain Barnard

Gawain Barnards description of his photographic series titles Tomorrow 6 states

‘… My pictures represent a time of day that offer a glimpse of clarity and a brief moment of solitude in semi darkness. Like a morning prayer, observations become meditative against a stirring backdrop of familiar noises as the morning ritual moves from thought process to slow movements. ‘ (Barnard G, s.d.)

Tomorrow 6 (s.d.)
Fig. 1.

I was intrigued by the use of alternating light and dark exposures in the series. I found the darker photographs to be quite provocative and started to wonder what the subjects were thinking about. The subjects posture and facial expression bring a reflective contemplative state avoiding the darker exposure turning the photograph into something more sinister. The vignette on the lighter images help to frame the subject whilst creating a subtle transition into the darker images. I also felt that the use of muted tones throughout the set, beautifully reflected the meditative state the photographer was looking to achieve.

My mind started to wonder to see whether the concept of light vs dark could be used within the context of Assignment 1 Mile Square. The area I have chosen to photograph is a place called Walthamstow which is part of the East End of London. Walthamstow has gone through major regeneration and gentrification in the last decade. This has lead to more affluent people moving into the area creating a deeper social divide. If I decide to go down the route reflecting the social divide in the area, I wonder if this could be utilized to reflect the new more affluent residents vs the original residents.

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