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Exercise 1.2 – Point


Take three or four photographs in which a single point is placed in different parts of the frame. When composing the shots use these three rules: the place of the point shouldn’t be too obvious (such as right in the middle), the composition should hold a tension and be balanced (the golden section or rule of thirds) and the point should be easy to see. Evaluate the shots according to these rules and select which one you think works best.

Then take a few more shots without any rules, just being aware of the relationship of the point to the frame. Without the rules, how can you evaluate the shots?

The Exercise

I took four photographs placing the watering can at different points using the ‘Rule of Thirds’.

Once I had taken four photographs using the ‘Rule of Thirds’ I then placed the watering can in the center of the frame.

Following this I took six photographs placing the watering can randomly around the frame


When reviewing the photographs using the ‘Rule of Thirds’ I feel that the photographs have a sense of balance to them. Whilst the photograph where the watering can is placed centrally in the frame your eye is drawn to the object. There is no tension in the composition to hold any visual attention or to guide the eye around the photograph.

With regards to the photographs where the watering can was placed randomly without consciously realising it I have placed the watering can within a third of the frame in most cases. However, with the photographs of the watering can towards the back of the frame the composition seems to have no purpose and its almost as if the watering can is falling out of the frame.