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Exercise 2.2 – Viewpoint


Find a scene that has depth.  From a fixed position, take a sequence of five or six shots at different focal lengths without changing your viewpoint.

Exercise 2.2

Whilst I was at Waddesdon Manor where I went to take the photographs for Exercise 2.1, I also took the photographs for this exercise.  I positioned my husband next to the wooden pillars in order to take these photographs.



When taking the photographs I noticed that as I moved to take the photograph with a wide angle focal length of 24mm, the angle of the background changed.  Because I used a focal length of 24mm the unprocessed image is quite fisheye, so in Lightroom I enabled the ‘Profile Correction’.  However, the 24mm still has an exaggerated perspective, which can also be seen in the face enlarging the prominent features, which would become even more exaggerated the closer you moved to your subject.

The spaces between the pillars is larger on the 24mm focal length compared to the 70mm and the angle changed slightly on the background. Angles became more obtuse/accentuated the closer the photo. The reflections/slats become more closed up of the upright wooden beams. Also it is worth noting that the skin appears smoother at the 70mm focal length compared to that of the 50mm, which is harsher.