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Exercise 2.3 – Focus


Find a location with good light for a portrait shot.  Place the subject some distance in front of a simple background and select a wide apreture together with a moderately long focal length such as 10mm.  Take a view point about one and a half metes away from your subject, allowing you to compose a head shot comfortably within the frame. Focus on the eyes and take the shot

Exercise 2.2

I went out with my husband late afternoon/early evening.  I took a number of shots with different backgrounds using an aperture of f 2.8.  I also had him stand at different angles to the sun to see the different effects on the detail of his face.


I took a number of photographs using an aperture of f 2.8 with different backgrounds. I found that the photograph where my husband is stood in front of a window to be quite distracting. Although the window frame is blurred it drags your eye off the subject and onto the background. Whereas, the portraits of him in front of a bed of tulips has worked well. Although you can make out there are tulips behind him, the wide aperture has created a soft focus separating the subject from the background.


By using a large aperture with a longer focal length the subject has been separated from the backdrop avoiding any tension drawing your eye away from the main focal point. This combination has also smoothed the skin giving it a pleasing complexion, rather than being harsh and highlighting every imperfection that a lower aperture would.