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Exercise 2.4 – Woodpecker


Find a subject with a background with depth. Take a very close viewpoint and zoom in. Focus on the subject and take a shoot. Then set your focus to infinity and take another shoot.

Exercise 2.4

I went to Waddesdon Manor again, where they have some ornate railings which face out onto the ornamental garden in order to take the photographs for this exercise. I also went round to the avery where they have arches in front of a water feature, which I also used.

I positioned myself as close to the railings as the focus on my camera would allow. I focused on the railing for the first shot and then changed my metering to infinity.



After reviewing the photographs, this exercise really highlights the different uses of of the focal range. When focused on a subject in foreground the backdrop has a soft focus creating a separation similar to that of a high aperture Due to the soft focus your eye is drawn to the subject in sharp focus rather than the background.

When this is reversed and you focus beyond the foreground your eye his immediately drawn to the detail in the background seeing past the closest subject.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I was meant to take a third photograph choosing a point of focus that would result in the whole image being sharp. In view of this I will be reworking this exercise.