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Exercise 3.1 – Frozen Moment


Using a fast shutter speed try to isolate a frozen moment of time in a moving subject. Depending on the available light you may have to select a high ISO to avoid visible blur in the photograph.


I thought that this is quite an interesting exercise. I came up with a number of ideas for what I could photograph for this exercise. In the end, I chose to photograph bees collecting pollen from around the garden. I thought that this would be quite a challenging exercise to do. A bees flight is fast and erratic, more so than birds and pets, pushing my learning curve that little bit further.

After deciding to photograph the bees collecting pollen, I spent a day practicing with different focus techniques using AF-C focus due to the speed bees fly and their erratic flight paths. I practiced using 3D focus , 25 point focus and 72 point focus. I found that the 25 point and 72 point focus trackers worked better than the 3D. I set up two different back button focus’s on the camera for these point focus’s.

On the day I took the final photographs it was a fairly clear bright day. I initially set the shutter speed 1/4000 sec, the ISO to Auto, but limiting it to 2000, and the shooting mode to Continuous Slow on AF-C. As the day went on and the bees become a little more docile, I gradually brought the shutter speed down.

I intentionally stood back further from the subject matter for some of the photographs in the knowledge that these images would need to be cropped in the editing process. I did this as the camera would choose to use an aperture of f 2.8 on a lot of the photographs. By standing back a little the focus plane increases slightly enabling me to capture the bee in more detail, as it flew away from the flower.



I feel that the final photographs have come out well and reflect a frozen moment in time as required by the brief. To develop this further, I would need to practice more with the different focus trackers, possibly use a flash allowing me to bring down the ISO, increasing the aperture to avoid having to stand back and cropping the final image.

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