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Exercise 3.2 Trace


Try to record the trace of movement within the frame. You can be as experimental as you like. Add a selection of shots together with relevant shooting data and a description of the process.

For this exercise I chose to experiment with various sources of moving light. None of which I have ever taken before using a DSLR.

1 Sec, f 8.0, 70mm, ISO 64

I took this photo of a firework looking out of my lounge window. The camera was handheld, although I was leaning on the window to help keep my hand steady.

5 Sec, f 3.2, 34mm, ISO 100

I set my camera up on the tripod to take this image of light painting using a torch. I set the camera on a wide angle to allow me to move around. I think in principle this came out well but the image could have been made more interesting through the use of different coloured lights on the multiple exposure setting to overlap them.

5 Sec, f 4.5, 48mm, ISO 100

The light source used for this image was a sparkler being rotated by my husband. Again I used a tripod to capture a sharp image on a long exposure.

Multiple exposure 3 x 2 Sec, f 2.8, 48mm, ISO 48mm

The image above also captured the movement of a sparkler but in a slightly more complex symbol. However, this image was captured using the multiple exposure setting with the camera set up on a tripod. I set three lots of two second exposures for each side of the triangle. I did this as it is a more complex symbol and would require a longer exposure time, and I did not want the light to show the static person moving the sparkler.

6 sec, f 22, 70mm, ISO 33

For the above image, I took inspiration from Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photographic series ‘Theatre’. I set the camera up on a tripod and set it in front of the TV. In order to capture a longer exposure than I had managed so far I turned the ISO to Low. I took a photograph of an advert on TV, that had writing scrolling along whilst the subject of the advert stayed still except for moving his head. I like the result of this image because it has a form of chaotic movement to it. This has been created with differing legibility combined with the vertical blur of the writing illustrating movement, whilst the faint details of the face creates a ghostly feel.

I have found this exercise quite difficult. The D850 is sensitive to light and therefore to take photographs on a slow shutter speed I have had to take photographs when it is dark. I could have overcome this through the use of ND Filters if I had them.