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Reflection before choosing final photographs

I did a couple of mock ups for my final photographic series.  One with an aspect ratio of 1:1 and one with an aspect ratio of 3:2. After reviewing both mock ups, I decided that I preferred the photographs on the aspect ratio of 3:2 compared to 1:1.  Although 3 of the photographs for the 1:1 aspect ratio would need to be retaken.  I decided not to do this as I didn’t feel that I would be able to capture the whole scene I wanted at the bus station.  In order to include the station, buses and people, I need to stand quite a distance away using a focal length of 35mm.  If I was to use a 1:1 aspect ratio I feel that the people in the scene would be too small and would get lost in the frame.  The final photograph I have chosen to use is cropped.  To enable me to stand at the correct distance to take the photograph without having to crop it in post-production, I would have needed to stand in the middle of a busy intersection which wasn’t possible.

I do not think that the photograph of the market is as good as the others.  However, I have never tried street photography, which is completely out of my comfort zone.  I also had a couple of people approach me saying that it was wrong I was taking photographs, which knocked my confidence a little.

With regards to the photograph of the rowers, I had to crop this.  I was stood too far back when the rowers came back down the river.  I was using a tripod at the time and didn’t have enough time to gather my belongings and get into position.  However, I like the composition of the photograph even though it wasn’t executed quite how I would have liked.

One point that I have noticed is that sometimes I clip the scene.  I need to be a bit more aware of this.  I also need to think more about my focal length and the effects that this has on the composition of the photograph combining it with depth of field.

I think I have managed to capture the main aspects of living in the area and overall, I am happy with the final series I have chosen.

Thoughts so Far

After taking some photographs of areas I wished to include in photographic series ‘Mile ‘Square’, I decided it was time to sit down and review the photographs.

I asked myself the following questions:

  • Is it a strong Photograph?
  • Does it capture the scene I was trying to capture?
  • Does the Depth of Field work?
  • Do the photographs compliment each other and sit together in a series?
  • Do they fit within the story I am trying to tell?
  • Does it give you the feeling I was looking for?

Not all the photographs are a strong as each other, for example I feel the photograph inside L Manzes Pie & Mash Shop captures the ambiance.  I did this by using the WB I had set for outside rather than the set WB for inside.  I think the internal photograph with the technically correct WB makes it feel cold, which is the opposite to the greeting you get when you walk in together with the atmosphere, with locals chatting to each other.   However, I am not convinced that this photograph sits well within the series so far.

The external photograph of L. Manzes shows that it’s as East End Pie & Mash, which is protested by Waltham Forest Heritage.  This would then link the photograph of The William Morris Gallery I intend to take and include in the series (I will take a couple of test shots because the building is on a slight slop and curved), which is also a protected building with a blue plaque.  The blue plaques on both buildings may help the flow of the photographic series if they were to sit together as two sites of importance within Walthamstow.  However, I do not feel that the photograph of the outside of L. Manzes is as strong as the internal photograph.

Following my review of the initial photographs, I am happy with my decision to make the series ‘A day in Walthamstow’.  This allows me the freedom to move around Walthamstow rather than concentrate on one aspect of the area.  One thing to note, the photographs of the bus station and market I have chosen, both have strong red colours within.  Could I use the colour red across the series enhancing the flow of the series?